A Step Back To The Good Old Days


The beauty of running my own blog means that I get to choose what I do with my pictures. On a modern day newspaper there are certain constraints a beleaguered editor has to stick to. Editors and sub editors are now ‘guided’ by templates and if the image does not fit the space, then it does not go in the newspaper.
And the picture will also be used in colour!
For me the image is everything, so I have decided to turn this photograph into black and white and airbrush out a few people to give it a more nostalgic feel.
I rarely airbrush images, but on this occasion I felt the end justifies the means.
Obviously for the newspapers they get the colourful version with the people in it!

2 thoughts on “A Step Back To The Good Old Days”

  1. I love this, Andy. It’s really inspired me, but then you always have. Looking forward to seeing future updates.

    1. Hi Marsha,
      Thanks for the lovely comment. The blog is very much in its infancy. I am saving the better pictures until it is better established.

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