I Give My Imagination a Buzz With a Personal Project

Using my imagination on mini projects gives me a buzz. My projects vary from on going to ones which I can complete in a short time.
You can shoot what you want when you want, that is the joy of shooting your own personal project.
Today the wife was busy, I had a couple of hours spare. It was either finish the gardening or clean the house.
I managed to get the old grey matter working and instead decided to shoot an hour long personal project.
I will sweet talk her and win over when I return, again another use of the imagination as I pick my words carefully while finishing her project of cleaning or gardening.
I prefer shorts projects, so an hour is all I gave myself, I can then look forward to getting the duster out on my return!
I live in the small market town of Kington and decided to shoot some obscure images of subjects that people pass every day……………………but probably won’t register and recognise in the images.
It was fun and gave me a buzz as I wondered around the streets with a camera, using various angles to challenge the viewer.
None of the pictures have been airbrushed, a few have been posted in black and white as the colour of the buildings may have given the game away!
Here are ten images from the shoot just to give you an idea, the rest I have posted on Facebook for a bit of fun.pic-o










Have a good Christmas and thanks for following my blog.

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