Different Lenses Same Scene And a Health Warning!

Unbelievable I know, but these two images feature the same scene.
And they come with a health warning.
First of all and most importantly, if you value your eyesight,……..DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN……..through a camera!
You can seriously damage your eyes, I will tell you how I took these images while managing to keep my eyesight.

The wide angle view was taken with a sigma 10mm lens on a Nikon D300s. It is a ‘selfie’, I set the timer for ten seconds, rested it on the bank, aimed it in roughly the right direction and pressed the shutter.

The second image is taken with a 200mm lens which on a cropped sensor works out at 300mm. Now I wasn’t stupid enough to look directly through a lens which will magnify the setting sun and burn my eyes out.
I used the monitor on the back of the camera, and hey presto, a nice little silhouette taken of the setting sun on Hergest Ridge.

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