My Photography Rule Is There Are No Rules

Today I was asked for my opinion on photography and its various ‘rules’.
My golden rule for photography is do what YOU want. Yes take on board advice and criticism but as long as you enjoy taking pictures then that is all that should matter.
In fact I do look to break the rules, it can be a good way of standing out.
As you can see from previous posts my aim is to catch the eye of the reader.
Todays picture has been cropped long and horizontal, simply because I prefer it that way, do not feel the need to stick with the conventional upright or horizontal image.
I often crop square, panoramic and on more than one occasion I have cropped a circular image!

Brexit Experiment Brings Chaos to Kington

Chaos hit the small market town of Kington Herefordshire this morning when government officials tried out an experiment should Brexit discussions break down further.
A new wing of the UK Border Force, renamed UNK the ‘Ununited Kingdom Border Force’ set up a ‘passport and immigration control’ on a small road leading out of the town as a trial test to what may lie ahead.
Kington sits on the English/Welsh border and was the perfect place for a trial claimed an insider.
Local photographer Andy Compton was alerted and was soon on the scene. ‘Officials were confiscating rugby balls from the Welsh as they attempted to cross the border’ claimed Andy.
‘I also noticed many frustrated Kingtonians who cross this part of the border in search of a High Street Bank arguing with officials’.
‘The town has a population of over 2,500 but has no bank, the nearest one being miles away in Presteigne or even Llandrindod Wells both in Wales.
The experiment ended today April 1st at 12 noon.

Chaos at the scene in Kington, Herefordshire this morning.