Different Lenses Same Scene And a Health Warning!

Unbelievable I know, but these two images feature the same scene.
And they come with a health warning.
First of all and most importantly, if you value your eyesight,……..DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN……..through a camera!
You can seriously damage your eyes, I will tell you how I took these images while managing to keep my eyesight.

The wide angle view was taken with a sigma 10mm lens on a Nikon D300s. It is a ‘selfie’, I set the timer for ten seconds, rested it on the bank, aimed it in roughly the right direction and pressed the shutter.

The second image is taken with a 200mm lens which on a cropped sensor works out at 300mm. Now I wasn’t stupid enough to look directly through a lens which will magnify the setting sun and burn my eyes out.
I used the monitor on the back of the camera, and hey presto, a nice little silhouette taken of the setting sun on Hergest Ridge.

People Skills are Key……………………..

People Skills are key for successful press photography.
Never underestimate the importance of ‘people skills’ if you want to get your subjects to co-operate. I have found the majority of people are nice and easy going and happy to talk about all aspects of their life.
I am genuinely interested and enjoy asking questions. I find people interesting and I believe you reap what you sow in this world, so I always treat people with respect.
I am comfortable talking to people of all ages and from all walks of life.
Today’s photograph features two people I admire immensely.
As a Hereford football supporter I have had the honour of photographing the managers and players, both Hereford United and the reformed Hereford FC.
When the chance came to picture two of the most influential people in Hereford United’s history with a nice little newsy twist I jumped at it.

On the right is Colin Addison who captained the famous giant-killing team which beat Newcastle United 2-1 in the FA Cup. Colin, who lives in the city, also went on to manage the club on a couple of occasions.
Colin is one of the most approachable people I know, he loves the sport and the club and is happy to talk to anyone.
On the left is former chairman, manager and one of the most important people in the club’s history Graham Turner.
If you ever crossed Graham, and luckily for me I didn’t, you knew about it.
Graham had left Hereford to return to one of our rivals Shrewsbury Town. And, as often, there is a strange twist of fate in football with higher graded ‘Shrews’ drawing Hereford in the FA Cup.
So we saw Graham, who lives near Hereford, return to Edgar Street for this game.
I noticed the men talking in the tunnel so I asked Graham and Colin if they would be happy to pop out to the edge of the pitch and pose for a photograph.
They duly obliged, I suggested they stand by the ‘away’ dugout and took a few photographs. I feel the away dugout and Shrewsbury Town tie play a part in telling the story behind the image.
The photograph was of interest to my paper the Hereford Journal but also the evening newspaper the Shropshire Star.
In situations like this I have found asking people politely helps you get far better results.
The subjects were only guided a little bit, I wasn’t looking for the shaking hands type of picture because I find that to staid and posed.