KEEP THEM PEELED…….It Is Always Worth Looking Around

It is always worth looking around and keeping your eyes peeled on your immediate surroundings while taking pictures. Quite often animated faces in a crowd can help tell a story or other picturesque things can happen. krakow-photoproandy

This image I am particularly proud of because it shows the atmosphere at Wisla Krakow of a European Cup game.
So it is worth remembering, not all the best photographs happen on the pitch!

Something I needed to ‘Figure’ Out!

Challenge: I have to take pictures which need figures in them but I am alone. Friends are working- sometimes being a photographer can be lonely!
Obviously I can’t include myself in the picture……………unless of course I am in silhouette!
This image of me has been used to promote Kington Walking Festival.
The camera was lay on the ground and metered for the sky, the timer was set to ten seconds and I just walked past.
Hope you like the result!

Fun Photographing Fireworks

I always challenge myself to get something different, you have to stand out and catch the viewers eye. And while it can be easy to get a picture of exploding fireworks it is also, dare I say it, a tad expected and boring.
In the past I have tried photographing people lit up by a bonfire, which can give an atmospherically (not sure if that is a real word!) warm colour cast.
I was pleased with this picture of the traditional (tad boring) firework explosion because of the way the sparks are flying outwards and the silhouettes of the people watching the display add that extra element needed. andy-compos-photo