Look Up or Look Down……… I pop my mind into gear and consider different angles to make my images interesting.
Sometimes my camera is aimed down either from a step ladder or by simply holding the equipment above my head.
Obviously it does depend on circumstances.
This technique offers a different angle and is an excellent way of obliterating cluttered backgrounds.
I also look up, which can work well with high ranking business men and women as it gives the subject a sense of power.

In the above image I opted for the visually interesting colourful ceiling.
The ceiling was a far better background than the rather dull cream wall which was my other option.
I am sure my subjects thought I was a bit zany and ‘out there’ as I asked them to look down on me. But who cares, I certainly don’t, as in these circumstances the image does the talking!

A perfect Stag Night for a Butty Bach Loving Photographer

My perfect stag night was spent on nearby Bradnor Hill with a bottle of my favourite tipple in one hand and Nikon camera in the other.
I know this is slightly off the photography subject but I have spent a lot of time up on the hill taking landscape pictures and have often wondered what it would be like to enjoy a bottle of Butty Bach while watching the sunset over Wales.
I couldn’t resist, I had to take my camera to record the scene as I toasted to the beautiful view.
I focussed on the bottle holding it out in front of me at just the right distance and angle.
Looking at this image brings it all back to me, the taste of the beer, the smell of the grass, I can sense the wind blowing past my ears and the scene will stay with me forever.